Alice Bo-Wen Chang
Jewellery Artist / Designer / Architect

[Circles & Squares]

Circles & Squares is a joint exposition of my two series, Bodyspace/bodyscape and Luminous Windows, both inquiring into the potentialities of two-dimensional geometries to a three-dimensional transformation via creative means of patterns and modules. The paralleled investigations are developed simultaneously as a third research method to allow a continuous discourse and cross examination within my own practice.

The uncompromising lines and squares in Bodyspace/bodyscape, repeat in a predictable manner and are folded into endless possibilities of forms and shapes. The rigorous and logical orders result in an unpredictable, even organic growth of variations that contrast and interact with the curvature of the body. In Luminous Windows, the wearer’s fingertips chase after the missing tile’s empty space, which enables the sliding movement; they also mingle through the dangling rings in search of the appropriate room for the hand or wrist to be in place. Hereby pattern becomes a tool, a strategy to allow the unique to expand its scale to infinity, in which the rationale becomes random. Every
piece has a puzzle to solve, the body reacts and interacts, and the space becomes luminous.
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